Gourmet Cake Flavors

List of our delicious gourmet cupcake flavors- this is a brief description of the many flavors we offer and many of them can be turned into your cake flavor. Flavors with a “*” in front of it can be used as a cake flavor.

*The Abuelita – Mexican Chocolate (Abuelita) cupcake with Abuelita butter cream

*Almond Amaretto – Amaretto cupcake topped with almond butter cream

*Almond O’ Joy – Chocolate coconut cupcake topped with almond butter cream

*Almond Cherry Blossom – Almond cherry swirled cupcake topped with almond butter cream and cherry pie filling

*Angel’s Delight – White cupcake with marshmallow filling and marshmallow butter cream

*Apple Pie – Apple cinnamon cupcake topped with vanilla cream cheese

Apple Cobbler- Brown sugar, cinnamon cake with Apple pie Filling and topped with Spiced Apple Cream Cheese and fresh Streusel

Bahama Mama – Pineapple cupcake with cherry whipped cream filling, topped with coconut butter cream rimmed in coconut, topped with a cherry

*Banana Nutella – Banana cupcake Nutella baked in, Nutella cream cheese

Banana Pudding Cupcake – Banana cupcake with fresh banana pudding filling topped with whipped cream and Nilla Wafer

Bananas for Dark ChocolateBanana cupcake with Hershey’s Special Dark chips baked in, topped with special dark chocolate whipped cream

*Banana Split – Banana cupcake with fudge filling topped with vanilla butter cream, nuts and a cherry

*Birthday Par-tay! – Vanilla cupcake with chocolate butter cream and Rainbow parellis

Boston Cream Pie – Vanilla bean cupcake with Bavarian cream filling topped with chocolate ganache

*The Bubble Gummy – Bubble gum flavored cupcake, topped with bubble gum butter cream

The BZ Fashionista – Chocolate strawberry cupcake with Nutella filling and Nutella butter cream frosting

Caramel Brownie – Half brownie, half caramel cupcake, topped with a caramel butter cream

*Caramel Apple- Tart apple cupcake topped with caramel butter cream

*Caramel Cookie Mess- Caramel Oreo cake with caramel filling, topped with caramel oreo butter cream

*Carrot Cake
– Fresh carrot cupcake topped with cream cheese and walnuts

*CC’s Lime Pie- Lime cupcake made with fresh zest and juice and topped with cream cheese

*Chunky Monkey – Banana cupcake with chocolate chips and walnuts baked in, topped with vanilla cream cheese

*The Classic – Chocolate cupcake with vanilla bean butter cream

*Coconut Dalmatian – Coconut cupcake with mini chocolate chips baked in, dipped in chocolate candy shell and iced with coconut butter cream

Coconut Brownie – Half coconut, half brownie cupcake topped with coconut butter cream

*Coffee Caramel Crunch – Coffee cupcake with toffee bits baked in, topped with caramel swirl butter cream and toffee bits

*Confetti Explosion – White cupcake baked with rainbow jimmies and vanilla butter cream frosting

*Chai Tea – Chai Tea cupcake topped with a spiced vanilla butter cream

*Cherry Limeade- Cherry cupcake topped with refreshing lime butter cream

*Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – Vanilla cupcake with a cookie dough filling baked in the center, topped vanilla butter cream rolled in chocolate chips

*Chocolate Covered Cherry – Cherry cupcake with a chocolate candy shell and chocolate butter cream

*Chocolate Covered Strawberry – Strawberry cupcake dipped in a chocolate candy shell and iced with chocolate butter cream

*Chocolate gone Bananas – Chocolate-banana cupcake with vanilla butter cream, rolled in Oreos

*Chocolate Heath Crunch – Chocolate cupcake with Heath bits baked in, topped with a chocolate butter cream

*Chocolate Irish Cream – Chocolate Irish cream cupcake with an Irish cream butter cream

*Chocolate Mint – Chocolate cupcake with Andes Mints baked in, mint cream cheese topped with Andes mint garnish

*Chocolate Raspberry– Chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling and raspberry butter cream

*Cinnamon Latte- Cinnamon coffee cake with a cinnamon cream cheese, rimmed in chocolate covered espresso beans

*The Cracken – Red velvet cupcake with white chocolate chips baked in and topped with white chocolate cream cheese

*Cranny Apple – Cranberry apple cinnamon cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting

*Cranberry Zest- Cranberry cake with Orange Zest and Juice baked in, topped with Orange Butter Cream

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin- Our “Elf ” inspired cupcake is sweet maple cake with a chocolate chip cookie dough filling topped with maple butter cream “spaghetti”, syrup and M&M’s This is a seasonal cupcake only offered in December

Double Chocolate Cream- Chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate cream, topped with chocolate whipped cream

Double Mint Brownie- Half brownie, half mint chocolate chip cake, topped with Mint Cream Cheese

*German Chocolate- Our delicious German Chocolate cake topped with homemade Coconut Pecan icing

*Girl Scout Samoa- Caramel cake with caramel samoa cookie filling, topped with caramel butter cream and toasted coconut Note: these are a seasonal cookie that may not be available for special order year round

*Girl Scout Thin Mint- Dark Chocolate mint cake with mint butter cream rimmed in thin mint cookie crumbs Note: these are a seasonal cookie that may not be available for special order year roundGerman Chocolate- Velvety German chocolate cupcake with our homemade coconut pecan icing

Grandpa’s Lemon cream supreme – Lemon cupcake with lemon cream filling topped with fresh whipped cream

Grasshopper Fudge- Mint cupcake filled with fudge and topped with mint whipped cream and Oreos.

*Harvest Blessings- Delicious combo of Honey, Apple, Cranberry, Pecans and Cinnamon, all topped with spiced Cream Cheese

Holy Cannoli – Chocolate cupcake filled with cannoli cream, iced with vanilla cream cheese, rimmed with cannoli shell, and topped with chocolate chips

Hostess with the Mostess – Chocolate cupcake with whipped cream filling, topped with chocolate ganache

*Kahlua Fudge -Chocolate cupcake with fudge filling, topped with Kahlua butter cream

*The Kit-Kat Creation – Vanilla cupcake with Kit-Kat chunks baked in, topped with chocolate butter cream, and rolled in Kit-Kat

*Lost my Marbles – Chocolate and vanilla marbled cupcake with vanilla butter cream icing

*M&M Cookie Cake – Vanilla cupcake with M&M cookie dough filling and vanilla butter cream rolled in M&M

*Mandarin Orange – Mandarin orange cupcake with orange butter cream

*Maple Bacon – Maple cupcake with bacon baked in, topped with maple cream cheese

*Maple Pecan– Maple cupcake with chopped pecans, brown sugar filling topped with maple cream cheese and pecans

*Mimosa – Orange cupcake with champagne butter cream

*The Mudslide– Bailey’s Irish Cream cupcake with fudge swirl baked in, topped with coffee butter cream

Mud Pie– Coffee cupcake with fudge filling, almonds baked in, topped with whipped cream, rolled in Oreo crumbs

*My Cherry Amor – Cherry cupcake with fudge filling and chocolate butter cream

*Neapolitan Sundae – Half chocolate, half vanilla cupcake topped with strawberry butter cream

*Oreo Overload – Chocolate cupcake with an Oreo butter cream

*The Olaf- This is a white chocolate lover’s must have! White chocolate cake with white chocolate chips baked in topped with a white chocolate candy shell and white chocolate cream cheese

*The PB Cup – Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter cups baked in, topped with peanut butter cream cheese

Peach Cobbler – Cinnamon brown sugar cupcake with peach pie filling, topped with peach cream cheese and  graham cracker

*The PB&J – White cupcake with strawberry filling topped with peanut butter cream cheese

*Pina Colada- Pineapple Coconut cake topped with a coconut rum butter cream

*Pink Champagne- Pink Velvet cake topped with Champagne Butter cream

*The Pistachio – Pistachio cupcake with pistachio butter cream, topped with pistachio’s

*Pooh Bear’s Dream – Honey cinnamon cake with vanilla honey butter cream

*Put the Lime in ‘da Coconut – Coconut lime cupcake with lime butter cream

Pumpkin Perfection – Pumpkin cake with a hint of Orange Zest, Ginger, Topped with Fresh Whipped Cream

*Pumpkin Spice- The perfect blend of spice in a pumpkin cake topped with spiced cream cheese and rimmed with pumpkin seeds

*Pumpkin Tiramisu- If you like our classic tiramisu cupcake, this is a must try! Our Pumpkin coffee cake topped with Mascarpone Cream Cheese

*Pumpkin Cheesecake- Cheesecake flavored cake with a pumpkin spice swirl baked in, topped with classic cream cheese

*Raspberry Lemonade – Lemon cupcake with baked in raspberry swirl, topped with a raspberry butter cream

*Razzle Dazzle-White chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake cake, topped with white chocolate cream cheese

*Red Velvet – Our classic Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting

*Red Velvet Volcano – Red velvet cupcake, fudge filling, topped with chocolate cream cheese

Red Velvet Brownie- Our classic red velvet cake baked with a brownie bottom and topped with Cream Cheese

*Salted Caramel Surprise – Caramel cupcake with caramel butter cream rimmed with chocolate covered pretzels

*Sneaky Snickers – Chocolate cupcake with baked in peanuts, caramel filling, and caramel butter cream

*Snicker Doodle- Cinnamon Nutmeg cupcake topped vanilla brown sugar butter cream

*Spice Cake- Nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice cupcake with cream cheese

*The Spumoni- ½ pistachio, ½ chocolate cupcake topped with cherry butter cream

*Strawberry Champagne – Strawberry cupcake topped with champagne butter cream

*Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake – Cheesecake cupcake with strawberry swirl baked in topped with strawberry swirl cream cheese

*Strawberry Cream Dream – Strawberry cupcake with strawberry butter cream

*Strawberry Lemonade – Lemon-strawberry cupcake, topped with strawberry butter cream

Strawberry Shortcake – Vanilla cupcake with strawberry filling, topped with whipped cream

*Sunshine Lemon – Lemon cupcake rimmed with cream cheese and a dollop of lemon curd

*Sugar Cookie Conspiracy- Confetti cake filled with sugar cookie dough, topped with confetti vanilla butter cream

*Sweet Potato Surrender- Our cinnamon sweet potato cake with a sweet maple mascarpone cream cheese

Sweet Potato Cream- Sweet Potato cake with Marshmallow filling and Fresh Marshmallow whipped cream

*The Tiramisu – Tiramisu cupcake with mascarpone cream cheese icing

*Tommy Turtle – Chocolate cupcake with pecans and chocolate chips baked in, topped with caramel cream cheese

Tres Leche- Soaked vanilla bean cupcake topped with dulce de leche whipped cream

*Uh-oh Butter Cup – Vanilla cupcake with Reese’s peanut butter cups baked in, topped with peanut butter cream cheese

*The Uh-oh Oreo – Vanilla cupcake with Oreos baked in, topped with Oreo butter cream

*Vanilla Blueberry – Vanilla blueberry cupcake topped with vanilla bean cream cheese

*Vanilla Caramel Fudge – Vanilla cupcake filled with a fudge/caramel swirl and caramel butter cream

*Wedding Cake – Almond cupcake with a raspberry filling topped with almond butter cream

*You want S’more? – Chocolate cupcake filled with marshmallow, topped with marshmallow butter cream and graham cracker